ILLICITLY DOPE is just all the stuff that UK artist i-Dope creates.

i-Dope started with a simple mindset. "Paint dope sh!t that people want to hang on their wall". Amazingly, that has happened.

A UK artist with a global reach, his work is proudly pinned in homes around the UK, Europe, America and even as far as Australia.

As a teen he dabbled in the art of graffiti, although ‘dabbled in the art’ really translates to ‘threw up a few tags here & there’. DJing in local clubs, kitchens & living rooms was another important part of a well spent, creative youth.

i-Dope’s passion for art is heavily influenced from his love of music, and this is pretty blatant in almost all of his pieces. It was learning photoshop & illustrator whilst studying graphic design at college, that he discovered the art of the stencil.

A perfect way to maintain the intricate detail of his illustrations, with crisp lines onto canvas without having to put the spray can down.

If really pushed to describe his style it would probably be something along the lines of: "Pop Art on crack", "Banksy without the brains" or "Obey without the message".

Every painting starts with an illustration, and that's what you'll find on the back of the i-Dope merch. Clothing has been on the cards for a while but it took time to find quality garments that we were happy to put our prints on. The time has come.

We want you to buy your first piece because the print is Dope.

We want you to buy more because the fit & feel are Dope.

Everything on the site has a link to some musical inspiration for you to find. If you want a deeper dive in to the music that shapes i-Dope you can find some playlists to enjoy here!!